At the Accrington 10k sunny conditions met the 525 runners for the new improved route for the long established fixture. A long drawn out hill early in the race was balanced with a downhill finish with some excellent times from all Red Rose runners. Carla Davies had an outstanding run to take second place in a new PB time of 38.08 which can only improve on a flatter course. The men narrowly missed out to Blackburn Harriers for the team prize with Simon Croft 34.48, Duncan Anderson 35.51, James Simon36.18 and Daniel Hughes 37.34 all finishing in the top 20. David Parkinson came second in the V50 section, in 39.40, followed in by Joe Swarbrick winning the V60 prize in 40.10.A close finish ensued between Stuart Cann, 40.33 who held off Gary Corcoran,40.36 both finishing strongly. A steady flow of red vests continued with Scott Jackson 43.18, Philip Davidson 44.56, Andrew Stell 45.22. Jill Jefferson ran 45.50 to be second F55. Hannah McCusker showed her potential by finishing on Jill’s heels with a time of 45.58. Steve Taylor ran 48.45.A great race for the line between Shane Cliffe and Richard Field saw Shane cross the line first in although the chip times showed Richard with the faster time. More results. Laura Houghton 50.07,Antony Walton 50.36, Iain Mitchell 50.25,Alison Parkinson 51.11,(3rd F50), Peter O’Grady 51.04,Paula Stell 53.10,Lewis Withnell 53.30,Natalie Moore 53.55, Claire Shaw54.16, Emily Ingham 54.16,Alison Mercer 54.39,4th F55. Brent Whybro 55.16,Lynn Melvin 55.09,Gareth Fairey 55.37,Jessica Campbell 55.25,Glynis Leo 55.49,Judi Ingham 56.13,David Hindle 58.11,Louise Withnell 58.14,Kathryn Abbott 58.38,Allan Howard 59.28,Sally Cape 62.56 Jenny Fairclough 62.55 Marion O’Grady 63.17, Damian Clapham 63.33.

Baz Bayliss ran the scenic Snowdonia marathon. The conditions were damp and cloudy. He was the only Red Rose runner in the event but completed the tough course in 4.32.14. Mike Hall came 4th in 33.02 in the 4 mile, Time 2 Trick or Treat Trail Race.

John Naylor led the way for our smaller group at the Fairclough 5 mile in 31.42. Andy Birkbeck was close to 7 minute miles with a time of 35.30. John Wiseman ran 37.15 followed by Shane Collins 47.13, Kelly Day 49.15, Sharon Birkbeck 50.34.

The Break out of Jail, 10k results. Ben Smithers 46.29, Manolo Mendoza 47.55, Brian Hanley 51.07, Kelly White 56.47,Sam Edwards 59.07, Giuseppe D’Esposito 68.21, Joanne Dobson 70.13, Sonja Mueller 78.06.

Congratulations to Maureen Laney for smashing her own age grade record at Haigh Woodland parkrun this weekend …92.90% with a fantastic PB time of 21.47. Our most travelled parkrunners this weekend must have been Esther Stanier who was in Copenhagen at the Faelledparken with a time of 27.42 and Pauline Moorcroft finishing in 29.05 at the parkrun du Bois de Boulogne,Paris.