Calder Vale 10 miler was the latest installment on the championship calendar and travel problems caused chaos for Red Rose with some missing out completely. A great turn out of over 50 Red Rose in a field of 196 was emphasized by three finishers in the top ten. A great battle of strength between the trio saw Duncan Anderson home in 4th place in 61.12 Simon Croft 5th in 61.22 and Karl Hodgson 6th in 61.35.This was followed by a further eight runners under 70 minutes. Jill Jefferson led the women to the finish line in 74.36 Janine Needham 77.18 and Carla Davies 78.13 both put in excellent runs to ensure a team prize.

Results R.Maughan 65.16,J.Pinon Shaw 66.55, A Christie 67.22,M. Willett 67.39, M.Hall 68.04, A.Venables 69.02, S.Cann 69.25, S.Harrison 70.04, D.Brunton 71.13, P.Butler 72.15, P.Davidson 73.51, J.Naylor 74.36, T.Moss 76.25, G.Bell 78.58, R.Travis 80.11, D,Bryden 80.55, R.Ward 81.45, L.Bolton 82.10, J.Hyde 87.44, S.Worswick 87.44, M>lupton 88.48, D.Porter 89.11, N.Moore 89.12, C.Douglass 89.44, P>Plowman 91.03, J.Thorley 91.03, C.Shaw 92.19. J.Gouldthorpe 94.08, V.Gore 94.34, M.Hogarth 94.36, M.Simpson 94.51, L.Melvin 98.06, A.Howard 98.30, A.Cutler 98.48, A.Grime 99.16, G.Fletcher 99.47, G.Fairey 1.40.37, M.Lennighan 1.41.38, D.Bowling 1.42.53, E.Ingham 1.44.28, J.Ingham 1.44.28, A.Berry 1.51.25, P.Oates 1.51.26, J.Fairclough 1.52.38, W.Ward 1.52.38, J.Walsh 1.59.03, N.Colquhoun 2.05.34,

A small band of Red Rose Road Runners attended the 3.2 mile Rivington Pike Fell Race. The weather was dry, not too cold, windy and with a threat of rain. The start was on a residential street nearby. On the horizon – high up – was Rivington Pike itself. Runners were packed in tight for this clearly popular race – 264 runners completed the course

The race starts on the road – with a gradual upward slope in the first half mile. Turning right off the road and onto the hill proper and all thoughts of 5k pace evaporated. The hill starts with a fairly gentle climb, which gets harder as it gets steeper.

Finally at the top, after a twist and turn to get there, it was a quick run round the back on the pike and down on the other side. The wind at the top was fierce and it was a relief to start the descent and get off the top. Coming off the fell and onto the road, with not much left in reserve, the gentle downward road slope to the finish was a welcome one.

Times and places: 90th John Naylor 23:47, 134th Mark McCrea 25:44, 213th Jon Royle 29:46 ,233rd Gareth Fairey 31:51.

The Easter weekend saw large numbers at the parkruns. At Cuerden Valley PB’s were achieved by Liam Hooton 22.31, Emma plant 24.10, Alison Parkinson 24.57, Lee Parker 26.56. At Preston, Helen Rutherford 23.48, Alice Lodge 28.07 and Graham Wilkinson 29.09.