What an amazing lot of runners the Red Rosers are, from parkrun to ultras, roads to mountains, there was a runners flying the Red Rose flag this weekend. Supporting, cheering, volunteering, encouraging one another, laughing, having fun. What a club. Brilliant!

At the Garstang Gallop 7 mile race John Naylor and Mark McCrea were prepared for an undulating course. For the first three miles they ran together. John’s confidence increased, discovering the hills weren’t as bad as first thought, raised his pace to attack the rest of the field and to beat the goal of 50 minutes. Keeping the remaining miles under 7 minutes, he managed to finish in under 49 minutes. The rest of the RRRR were close behind. Mark McCrea 50.54, Damien Russell 54.18, David Dyson 55.40.

After a chilly start to the day in Wilmslow, it warmed up to pleasant running conditions and was the running playground for nine RRRRs. They were joined en route by three ‘wild horses’ that had somehow escaped on to the closed roads, causing havoc as they galloped at high speed through the runners. An excellent set of results included debut half marathons for Anees Shaikh, Carol Heaton and Judi Ingham. Catherine Newton knocked 6mins 30seconds off courtesy of Anees Shaikh and not getting easily distracted!

Anthony Durkin 1:22:45 PB, Anneke Crosby 1:49:21 PB, Catherine Newton 1:55:57 PB,Anees Shaikh 1:56:27 half marathon debut, Jenny Fairclough 2:00:29 SB, Martin Foley 2:01:38, Carol Heaton 2:21:59 debut, Judi Ingham 2:21:59 debut, Simon Kirkman 2:21:59.

At the Coniston 14, David Singleton had a great run to be 9th V50 in a time of 1.35.57. This race has a habit of dragging people back year after year. Paul Woan finished in 1.50.05, Tony Thorley covered the very testing undulations in 1.51.05 and Shane Cliffe made yet another appearance at this race with a time of 1.56.33. Kitty Chambers and Peter O’Grady got their first taste of this Spring race with times of 2.14.36 and 2.20.18.Aimee Midgely and Sal Cape took on the course together finishing in 2.42.20.

Lucy Lodge, Vicky Gore, Ian Waddingham, Claire Shaw and Wendy Ward ran the Cartmel 10k. Alice Lodge ran the fun run. Mac McCormack, Lydia Plackett, Ramona Mulligan, Stephen Robertson, Mary Conway and Margaret Lodge ran the 18k Challenge. Phil Davidson and Andy Binstead ran the 18k Race.

Cartmel 10k Race

Ian Waddingham 53:51, Lucy Lodge 59:27, Vicky Gore  1:04:55,  Claire Shaw 1:10:53, Wendy Ward  1:13:56 .

Cartmel 18k Challenge

Stephen Robertson  1:57:53, Margaret Lupton  2:00:22, Mary Conway  2:26:53, Mac McCormack 2:44:37,  Lydia Plackett 2:54:00, Ramona Mulligan 2:57:00.

Cartmel 18k Race

Philip Davidson  1:31:58, Andy Binstead 1:43:31.

The clubs Grand Prix competition got underway at the Jacob’s Leg It 10k.  Karl Hodgson making his first appearance for the club was first back with a great time of 38:52 followed by Doug Bryden, 44:27.  5 runners then followed in quick succession, Janine Needham led the ladies back in 45:41 followed by Barry Wheeler 45:47, John Wiseman 45:50 and Ian Wharton 45:59 who were neck and neck all race and Pete Battersby 46:22.  Phil Davidson 47:07 and Wendy Ward 59:59 took in their second race of the weekend after travelling to Cartmel the previous day.

Other Results: Ray Taylor 47:48, Anthony Murphy 47:51, Steve Taylor 48:08, John Plowman 53:17, Joan Gouldthorpe 54:05, Andy Speer 54:47, Lee Burton 56:01, Helen Orson 59:13, Allan Howard 59:49, Janet Saynor 1:07:39 and Ann and Ben Donoghue 1:10:56.