Having been away for a couple of weeks I’ve not been picking up much detail about the races but this is what I’ve gleaned over the last couple of days. Well done everyone.

This was a weekend for those who were increasing their mileage in preparation for their Spring marathons. The Trimpoll 20 has long been a favourite at this time of the year. The course is ideal for those who want to keep a steady pace at marathon pace for a significant distance. Runners now have time to re assess their targets for their big race and take some confidence from knowing they have covered 20 miles in race conditions.

Results. Simon Croft 2.05.03, Liam Hooton 2.37.38, Louise McKenna 3.11.36, Ali Faisal 3.11.37, Natalie Moore 3.12.28, Sue Tonge 3.17.54, Gareth Fairey 3.22.41, Catherine Karn 3.30.46, Wendy Ward 3.43.34, Mary Conway 3.43.34, Colin Manning 4.01.31, Gina Biggs 4.21.17.

The Wigan Half Marathon attracted over a dozen Red Rosers, with plenty of good performances. Results. Dan Hughes 1.20.44, Andrew Christie 1.28.44,Pete Battersby 1.35.02, Antony Walton 1.41.31, Andy Birkbeck 1.42.23, Matt Edgley 1.50.15, jon Wright 1.54.01, Michael Coupland 1.59.24, Nicola Patterson 2.08.38, Louise Withnell 2.08.49, Brian Hanley 2.25.10, Nikki Bentley 2.25.10, Sharon Birkbeck 2.26.12. There was also a 5k event. Carla Davis was the star of the race with her first sub 20 minute performance. A brilliant time of 19.22 ensured her of fifth place out of 638.

Other results also show that others are also improving their performances. Steven Willetts 20.21, Nicola Hughes 21.15, Simon Hall 24.26, Michelle Livesey 26.55, Davina Bowling 27.14, Wendy McNair 28.01, Jackie Brunton 30.35, David Anson 32.07, Denise Fairhurst 33.44.

Two of our runners ran the Limassol Marathon. Shane Cliffe ran 4.16 and Aimee Midgley ran 5.30. Sal Cape completed the ‘half’ in 2.25.