The Hendon Brook 13.5 mile race is a very tough test for anyone. 17 Red Rose runners made the journey over to Nelson to take on this challenge. Any comparison with half marathon times is pointless with the extra distance and the ‘mean’ course. Many people only do this race once. Duncan Anderson 1.29.30, was placed 5th. Stuart Cann finished in 1.47.35 two minutes ahead of Philip Butler in 1.49.35. Gary Corcoran came 7th out of 20 in his age group in a time of 1.52.22. The first of our women finishers was Emily Ingham, still a Junior, in 2.23.00 followed by Anneke Crosby, 3rd F50, in 2.23.33. Sue Tonge continued her run of prize winning with the F60 prize in 2.23.53. Alison Mercer finished fourth in the F55 category in 2.24.39. All finishers deserve credit for their performances with some vowing not to return whilst others were appearing for the umpteenth time. Results: Philip Davidson 1.58.45 Shane Cliffe 2.18.55, Judi Ingham2.33.54 Anees Shaikh,2.33.59 Mary Conway,2.38.11, Gareth Fairey 2.40.46, Wayne Hope 2.47.06 Sally Cape2.54.43 Jenny Fairclough 2.55.07.

At the Blackpool 10k a good turn out for a Hen party saw a sizeable crowd from Red Rose. Stephen Walker 49.13, Matt Ashton 53.00, Brian Hanley 53.36, Sharon Birkbeck 60.20, Joanna Dobson 63.07, Toshif Vally 69.24, Sonja Mueller 69.24,Ros Crompton 71.34, Shane Collins 71.11, Katy Cleece 71.34, Louise Withnell 71.35, Nicola Patterson 71.36,Alison Dick 71.36,Gail Dunlop 71.37, Kathryn Abbott 71.37,Helen Greenhalgh 71.38, Denise Fairhurst 71.38, Katy Johnson 71.39, Lisa Baron 72.23, Faisal Ali 72.25, John Wiseman 72.34, Fiona Gutteridge 72.40, Susan Heatley 72.47, Davina Bowling 76.04, Gina Biggs 78.53.

Simon Croft lead the way with a strong run at the Lytham Carnival 5k taking second place in a time of 16.24. Mark Willett ran well for a time of 19.18 narrowly ahead of Sam Harrison.(19.28). A Red Rose trio followed, James Hughes 24.01, Natalie Moore 24.21 and Richard Chippendale 24.29. Sandra Rolston finished in 30.39 with Kelly Day following in 31.46, Arthur Green 32.47. Vet 80’s Evelyn Elkington 33.54 and Bernard Elkington marshalling/tail running finishing in 41.44.

Jannette Draper, Paul Plowman and Wendy Ward completed the Tour of Merseyside event covering 55k throughout the week, enjoying it so much they can’t wait for next year’s entry to open.

Cuerden Valley Parkrun, honoured the memory of the heroic Ben Ashworth who died last weekend. Ben’s family were supported by over 300 parkrunners including a large group from Ben’s club of Chorlton Runners and many people who have been inspired by Ben throughout his long battle with bowel cancer.

Parkrun tourism saw a Red Rose party at Southport. Stuart Cann was second to finish in 18.42, with David Hindle 26.28, Lucie Clipston 31.48 and Andy Clipston all achieving PB’s. Gill Nightingale improved her time at Preston to 35.25 and Scott Jackson ran a new best of 22.32 at Cuerden.