Now anyone who knows me will be aware that I enjoy running, not very fast that’s true but it is one of my favourite ways to offset some of life’s indulgences, for instance beer, which I probably enjoy a bit more than running. I’m sure you’ll agree there’s nothing better than a nice cold pint after working up a sweat pounding the pavements or trails.

Needless to say when I found out that there was a beer run taking place soon in Lytham I was pretty keen, two of you favourite things at once! Ideal way to spend a Friday evening in July. More so that the race was advertised as a 5km, none of this Marathon de Medoc rubbish where actually have to do great deal of work for wine, don’t get me wrong I do like wine but I can’t see myself running a marathon for it!


So we rocked up to the race HQ at the Fairhaven pub in Lytham, not as early as I’d like before a race due to typical Friday teatime traffic. Fortunately the rest of our group had arrived early and had our t-shirts which doubled as a check list as to which beers we had downed at each pub. There was only the small matter of having our first beer which I would like to say I remember what it was but the whole evening now seems to be a beer tinged, hazy memory. Beer downed, off to the start at the top end of Fairhaven lake, it was quite a walk but I suppose it doubled as a mini warmup.

Time for pre-race briefing which was pretty light hearted and a quick run through of the route, oh and also the course was slightly short so if you wanted the full 5km you can start a bit further up there. Yes you guessed it, no one was too bothered about that, we all had one thing on our minds , no sorry two…1/ how long to the first pub? 2/ how long can I run with a belly full of beer without puking? Boom and we’re off, not much warning, round Fairhaven and following a route not too dissimilar to the latter part of the Windmill 10km.

There were all sorts of runners about, all in good spirits, some even donning those hard hats completed with straws and beers to quench their thirst prior to the first ale stop. About two miles in and we cross the car park on the Green, over the crossing (complete with marshals stopping traffic for us, thank you guys!) pass the Queen’s pub much to the delight of the patrons in the beer garden. Turn left, over the road and the first drink stop is in sight. The Ship and Royal had John Smiths for us to drink, quick scan for the rest of the group and it looks like they had headed on to bar number two – obviously taking this a bit more seriously than me who leisurely sipped my beer.


Next on the list was the Station but as the organiser who had told us in the briefing that they had pulled out they day before without any explanation, bit of a shame really that late in the day. A loop through the quieter part of town near the railway station and back round to Barrique for beer number 3, quite a fancy wine bar but seemed happy to accommodate a group of thirsty runners. Over the road to Zest beverage 4, fortunately they stood in when the Station pulled out, lots of whoops and cheers from the spectators here. For ale number 5 it was the turn of the County, this was a darker ale which I downed as the finish was only round the corner. Time to make a dash for the Taps which you couldn’t miss due to the rabble of runners on the closed road outside the pub. The last beer of the race went down well, so much so Mr C was dispatched to the bar for more!

This was a great event, so well organised considering it was in its first year. I hope to see it back on next year which I don’t doubt judging on the popularity on the night. It was nice not to take a race too seriously, also to rehydrate in the bars of Lytham St. Anne’s afterwards. Thanks to the Fylde Triology team for putting on the race!