Voting has now closed for Runner’s Runner of the Year. The winner will be announce at the Presentation Evening on Friday 13th March, Bamber Bridge Football Club, from 19:30.


Thank you for taking the time to nominate and vote.



Below are the nominations for the Runner’s Runner of the Year 2019 in no particular order. Please take some time to read what people have to say about their peers in the club.


Nominee Name: Michael Oddie

Reason for Nomination: I have decided to nominate Michael as his modest passion for running is infectious. Always pushing himself as well as encouraging others. I know personally, he has inspired me to improve my running and guided me towards joining Red Rose. In 2019 he also achieved a PB across all disciplines. His energy to smash his own goals as well as complimenting and importantly pushing others to progress without pressure is infectious.

Reason for Nomination: Consistent running all year round.

Reason for Nomination: Overall attitude to the club and running, and his personal running achievements.

Reason for Nomination: Michael’s achievements over the past year have been an inspiration to many. He encouraged myself and others to join the club. Therefore in my opinion he thoroughly deserves this award.


Nominee Name: Matthew Holmes

Reason for Nomination: Matt’s been running for a few years now but this last year he’s really grown both as a runner and a really nice guy.
Yes he’s fast, but he’s also really improved, only the mighty Crofty stands in his way to RRRR domination. But running is more than speed, it’s a community. This year Matt has shown us what kind of guy he is and those of us that train every week with him have seen him grow in confidence. However, it’s not all Roses, while not appreciating his Man U dedication we at least respect his choice.

Reason for Nomination: Matt has made great progress in his running achievements, especially in the last 12 months. Matt is dedicated to training and has turned his skills to all sessions, such as track, intervals, Thursday group and also parkrun. His achievements at Cuerden Valley have been remarkable and the effort made to successfully win the Badger Series as first male justifies all his efforts and love for our sport!
Even if he doesn’t win we know he will be super proud to be nominated as he is very grateful for all the support he receives along his running journey!
Bravo Matt! Xx

Reason for Nomination: Being fairly new to running, and new to the club, Matthew has shown some great potential and had some great races so far. He will only continue to improve as the years go on. More importantly, he’s friendly with everyone and brings a smile to people’s faces. He deserves the vote.


Nominee Name: John Naylor

Reason for Nomination: John is a respected member of Red Rose.
He works very hard within his role on the committee for example working on the website, finding marshals for races [Manchester Marathon] and organising coaches [Chester Marathon].
He has achieved so much with this year with running so many marathons and clocked up a distance of 1.500.5 mi.

Reason for Nomination:
Ran 39.84 mile in the Chorley 6hr challenge and won the team prize.
Winner of the Salwick Scorcher 10 in 10 and 3rd place in Hell of a Hill 5in5 marathon series.
Completed his 100th marathon – 28 of which in 2019.
Cycled to Burnley (20 miles), then ran a marathon.
Always turns up for training at the Poachers and does this after cycling to work 6 miles then back.
This guy is a machine and my inspiration.

Reason for Nomination: 10 in10, Hell of Hill again, nearer 100 marathons: enough said.


Nominee Name: Sophie Pilkington

Reason for Nomination: Everything good about club running. Always smiling, fearsomely competitive, represents the club in XC, Interclub and Championship, takes an active part in sessions and has made stunning PB improvements culminating in her 19:37 5k. Simply Awesome.


Nominee Name: Margaret Worbey

Reason for Nomination: I’d like to nominate Margaret for her positive attitude and support of other runners. She has taken on the role of Cross Country captain with enthusiasm. Margaret turns up early at every event to make sure the gazebo is up and ready for when the team arrive and to support any juniors who are running. She supports other runners on a Thursday night [training] and her kindness, positivity and friendly approach make her a great ambassador for the club. I think she would be a deserving recipient of the Runners’ Runner award.


Nominee Name: Ruth Watkinson

Reason for Nomination: She is my inspiration.

Reason for Nomination: Ruth has always been so kind to me since I started running, always makes the effort to come and chat when I see her at runs and congratulates me on my achievements. Ruth has given me lots of advice and tips to help me improve over the last year.

Lovely, friendly woman with such a positive, inspiring attitude.

Reason for Nomination: The most happy, positive person in Red Rose, always encourages others and praises them, comes over to talk at every race, isn’t competitive and wrapped up in PB’s, always thinks about others before herself. Would do anything to help someone that wants to improve or is struggling.


Nominee Name: Esther Stanier

Reason for Nomination: I’m nominating Esther, she’s working so hard on her 12 half marathons in 12 months and deserves the recognition for it.
Also one of the most friendly supportive runners going, always there to help others.

Reason for Nomination: This girl amazes me. Always has a smile on her face. She’s positive, supportive, encouraging, volunteers at parkrun/junior parkrun and her attitude and fighting spirit towards difficult challenges inspires me.


Nominee Name: Jay Rayton

Reason for Nomination: I would like to nominate Jay not just for her dedication and committed running to Red Rose but because I myself have been through a tough few years and got myself very down.
Jay encouraged me to take up the Couch to 5k – it was the light I needed at the end of the tunnel.
Now I have completed it, she still pushes me forward to join in with the running group and local races as I can feel anxious doing this so she comes along with me to each one even if she hadn’t time, she will make the time. Through this I am now able to attend these groups on my own and make friends and this is big for me. So Jay Rayton has really helped me move forward by joining Red Rose Runners, lovely group and setting myself little challenges.

Reason for Nomination: Jay is an inspiration to Red Rose and women runners out there. She always makes time to have a chat and offers kind words of encouragement to members of Red Rose. Always lovely to see her friendly face at races/runs.


Nominee Name: Stephen Woodruffe (Woody)

Reason for Nomination: He got me back into running after a very long break – 20 years! He is always helpful with advice and he gives up his time twice a week to help others get better. Although he is sarcastic, he has a heart of gold, so he is my nomination.

Reason for Nomination: I’m nominating Stephen primarily because of his considerable commitment to help other club members to get faster, facilitating both the Monday Intervals and Thursday Tempo sessions. Always available for help and advice, club members are also welcomed on his regular dog runs, exploring the local trails, often getting a history lesson thrown in for free!

Reason for Nomination: His coaching to bring on many runners and better themselves and unlocking hidden speed none of us knew we had.

In addition, Stephen has also had an impressive year in his own right, coming back from injury to represent the club with distinction, recording numerous age-category awards on various terrain from road to fell.

Reason for Nomination: Stephen gives up his time every Monday evening to run a varied intervals session. On top of this he is always offering individual advice on the evening and even by Messenger. He has certainly helped me improve significantly over the last 12 months.
Further to this he leads the Tempo Run Group on a Thursday evening, he has strived hard to find new interesting routes over the summer months and he is an all-round brilliant bloke.


Nominee Name: Gina Biggs

Reason for Nomination: Gina’s running is going from strength to strength, running many, many miles and achieving PBs regularly. She also volunteers extensively at many different parkruns. Gina is a great ambassador for the club and really deserves to win this year.
Reason for Nomination: Strength and determination in races.

Her running has improved significantly this year posting regular PBs on a variety of distances and she has continued to run a high number of marathons etc. She has also achieved the 200 volunteer mark at parkrun and has been training up to be run director for Preston’s junior parkrun.

Reason for Nomination: Gina is often seen as a little eccentric, a little bit different, she is never going to win the championship but if anyone captures the image of what Red Rose runners is all about it is her! She is an asset to the club and seems to have grown as a person these last 12 months and is more confident in herself etc. I have nominated her in previous years and she has been overlooked, I feel strongly that she should be recognised for all she does.


Nominee Name: Samantha Edwards

Reason for Nomination: Always bright, colourful, cheerful and an excellent runner.

Reason for Nomination: Sam has to be the most enthusiastic runner I’ve ever met, always happy, smiling and eager to offer help and especially encouragement to those around her! You can’t help spot her, given her sparkling and extravagant outfits and personality! Not only this but she’s come on leaps and bounds this past year in all of her races, her times have been getting better and better and 2020 is gonna see her reach her goals yet again!

Reason for Nomination: Sam has consistently entered and improved in races over the year.

Reason for Nomination: Samantha is a fantastic runner who is constantly representing Red Rose and winning/coming top in on the leader board. She’s a fantastic support to fellow runners, cheering them on and ensuring everyone reaches their full potential.


Nominee Name: Stephen Robertson

Reason for Nomination: I’m nominating Stephen for the fantastic job he fulfils on the Thursday Tempo run, making sure no runner is left behind. Whether you’ve just stepped up to the Tempo Group, or a regular who is struggling to hold pace on a particular session, you can always rely on Robbo to keep your spirits up with a friendly chat and to get you back safely!


Nominee Name: Faisal Ali

Reason for Nomination: He is always smiling and goes the extra mile to cheer others on when he doesn’t have to. His commitment to support each and every one in the club is commendable.


Nominee Name: Sian King

Reason for Nomination: Sian has really committed to her running this past year, completing a gruelling training regime. She ran a number of half-marathons last year and is currently training for her first ever marathon! As she isn’t one of the fastest females currently and is modest about her achievements, she sometimes slips under the radar. However, she’s so supportive of other runners and has made massive amounts of progress in the past year, gaining PBs in pretty much every distance going! Go Sian!


Nominee Name: Simon Croft

Reason for Nomination: My husband as biased as it may be is consistent for the club and always pulls out some top drawer performances in the championships and other associated races. He is a very humble and proud member of the club and a great example to other ever growing runners in the team.


Nominee Name: Peter O’Grady

Reason for Nomination: He gives his time to take run clubs & also his couch to 5k is so good to help people who want to start running. He turned up to take the Friday run last morning even though he was full of a cold!

Reason for Nomination: Pete continues to be a great ambassador for the Club. Whether he is leading the Friday morning runs or the Beginners group, he does it with pride, passion and always a smile on his face.
There are so many deserving candidates but I feel that it would be a fitting tribute to recognise his consistent effort and enthusiasm.


Nominee Name: Pete and Marion O’Grady

Reason for Nomination: Their time, hard work and support to all runners, especially the Couch to 5k course and the Friday day session.


Nominee Name: Natalie Ann

Reason for Nomination: Very inspiring with a positive attitude. Works hard to achieve the goals she has set herself and she is one of the most hardworking and dedicated runners I know!

Nominee Name: Michael Hall

Reason for Nomination: An absolute athlete, always give his all. Passionate runner and cyclist, enjoys the occasional morning swim. Completed numerous marathons! Makes me proud!

Nominee Name: John Wiseman

Reason for Nomination: If it wasn’t for John I wouldn’t have joined the club – so that could be a negative!

John is always smiling and talking and he makes everyone feel included and that symbolises what’s good about being a Red Rose Road Runner.

Nominee Name: Lynn Melvin

Reason for Nomination: Lynn has had an amazing year of running but has also suffered some injuries. At the start of the year her training for the Lakeland 50 was hampered by a knee injury but that didn’t stop Lynn getting out to support others during their races. Her commitment to training for the 50 was incredible but again she kept on supporting others. Lynn is always keen to share tips and ideas for training runs with others, offering to take you round the route herself. Watching Lynn finish the Lakeland 50 was inspirational, her enthusiasm for the event is infectious! Sadly during the Four Passes, injury struck Lynn again. But coming down Black Sail Pass Lynn’s running spirit was still there! Despite suffering another serious setback in her running, Lynn was ever present on social media supporting other runners and encouraging them to get out and run! Thank you Lynn for all your enthusiasm!

Nominee Name: Jo Roberts (Ball)

Reason for Nomination: One of the most caring and generous people I have met in a while. She is all about inclusion – it doesn’t matter what your background, race, beliefs, gender, age is. She will offer you strength and encouragement. She has certainly made my running experience a fantastic one since joining RRRR.

Reason for Nomination: An inspiration to everyone she meets. Encourages every runner and has come a long way in her own running. She helps out and motivates people. Jo brings a picnic and hot drinks tae races and shares them with her fellow runners she makes sure everyone is happy and her smile is infectious.

Nominee Name: Bernie Mitchell

Reason for Nomination: Bernie is the reason I joined Red Rose. He encouraged me to join after my weight loss journey and having done several parkruns, for which I take this opportunity to thank him. He is an inspiration and a very valued member of Red Rose and a very good friend who always makes times to ask others how they are doing. An amazing person who well deserves this nomination.

Nominee Name: Joe Swarbrick

Reason for Nomination: Joe is a long standing member of Red Rose and he has gathered considerable accolades as a runner, not least in his current successes in the V60 category. He would be a very deserving recipient of the award, particularly as his genuine modesty and playing down of his own achievements might prevent some from realising what a great runner he is. In addition to his running, Joe works tirelessly to collate the numerous achievements of club members to include in the weekly news report as well as in the LEP. This is no mean feat when considering the diverse range of races and locations that members participate in! Joe is a genuinely lovely guy and he is quietly supportive of other club members and is well liked and respected by everyone who knows him.

Nominee Name: Dr J Majumder (Joydip)

Reason for Nomination: He is a regular at Cuerden Valley Parkrun and Preston. At Cuerden he occasionally tail walks, is always friendly and gives medical advice freely. More to the point he helped a pregnant lady in distress once, helped someone with an injured ankle and sorted out my back pain. Then he disappeared and went back to work. I doubt he even realises his impact as he is quite unassuming and probably shy. I noticed his 100th Parkrun was not mentioned at all.

Nominee Name: Richard Field

Reason for Nomination: Richard has been extremely supportive, he is always there to support anyone. He hasn’t had a great year being out with injury but as soon as he can he is back out running. He is always smiling and never gives up. He has a go at anything even cross country and has really made me feel better about my running, always giving encouragement and to believe you can do it.


Nominee Name: Ben Smithers

Reason for Nomination: What is there left to say about this guy? Such a nice guy, a staggeringly competent runner, always inclusive and positive (even to those runners who don’t find it as easy as he does). Proud to call him a friend.

Nominee Name: Ben Donoghue

Reason for Nomination: Ben is so supportive on Thursday night runs from the Poachers, he always makes sure people are ok and makes a huge effort to talk to and encourage everyone. He’s a genuinely nice guy and a credit to Red Rose.

Nominee Name: Louise Davitt

Reason for Nomination: Louise is such a lovely person as are all Red Rose Road Runners… I often run with Louise on Friday morning and she always makes my morning, so happy and cheerful.


Nominee Name: Austin Trelfa

Reason for Nomination: He got me running in the first place and always motivates me each time I see him.


Nominee Name: Paula Plowman

Reason for Nomination: Organises the 10k plus helps with Thursday runs. Also organised the Christmas do. Is also an excellent runner and encourages others. Always smiling and positive.


Nominee Name: Katrin Elbag

Reason for Nomination: Friendly girl who is supportive! Recently did her 100th parkrun who is a hard worker.


Nominee Name: Anneke Crosby

Reason for Nomination: Anneke embodies everything that is good about RRRR, she’s friendly, welcoming and extremely talented! 🙂


Nominee Name: Davina Bowling

Reason for Nomination: Davina’s encouragement for all runners/plodders/walkers is infectious.
No matter if you’re the fastest runner or the back marker, Davina will always cheer you on.
She is a great ambassador for RRRR, often encouraging new runners to join the club (I often wonder if she is on commission).
Age is no barrier for Davina with her often winning her age category at races, this is a credit to her ‘ give it a go ‘ mantra and an example to us all.