View from the inside
Mulling around the start line trying to get as close to the line as possible to keep the distance down it was noted that the sun was out for a change. As usual its time to take a good look at the opposition to see how many others are of a similar senior standing and as usual it was noted that most are not so senior when someone shouts go
Mile 1 was a fast one past the reservoir on tarmac over the bridge and hit the trails and the hills start to appear Miles two and three are a different storey they go up and up on the rocky path which keeps the blood flowing and the heart pumping and no longer checking out the opposition as its better to keep head down and push on knowing there’s a fast bit approaching

Mile 4 didn’t disappoint but you need to push harder knowing all those that followed you up the hill are dying to get past its a road section followed by a steep difficult off road down bit This mile turned out to be sub 6 mins which was all well and good but the sting in the tail hits harder after that pace
Mile 5 has a short steep slope which is just enough to make the legs hurt a little then its head down and hang on to the finish not daring to look back to see who’s on your tail I found the long flat bit at the end quite hard going as I knew I was hanging on to 1st Roser home as quite often a sneaky red vest drifts past but not this time Job done and time to warm down and cheer in our team mates Race over and time for cake and coffee in the school