Roddlesworth Roller – The second race in this season’s Red Rose Grand Prix.

It’s not flat.

Roddlesworth 3d

What it is though is a beautiful course.
Registration was at Abbey Village school. A real old fashioned junior school with a quirky layout that reminded me of my junior school so long ago.
The start was by the Hare and Hounds pub. with the first 400m along the side of Rake Brook reservoir. It gets a bit more lumpy after that with the surface becoming rough gravel and shale as the runners progress through some beautiful woodland.
The weather was perfect, no wind and if anything a little too warm, particularly as you hit the climb up towards Tockholes Road. I found myself walking up the steepest section, which of course was the bit where Tom Hilton was choosing to video the pain. Thanks Tom.
Tockholes Road is the highest point in the run. A few hundred metres along the road and then back into the woods and some equally steep downhill sections. I had little time (or breath) to admire the view but I’m sure it was lovely. The last couple of kilometers was the reverse of the first part. My Garmin says it was all downhill, but it didn’t feel like that.

Another great Red Rose turnout as you would expect from such a fantastic club. The marshaling was great (from Chorley Athletic and Tri I think).
And the free brew and cake afterwards was greatly appreciated by all.
Another great day.