The last week has been one of miles and more miles with a good number of kilometres added!

The Scorcher 7 in 7 is a new event on the calendar. It is a series of races ranging from 5k to 50k run every day for a week. You could enter as many or as few as you wanted. The event was based on the showfield at Salwick, so a nice local event as well.

Hero of the week was John Naylor who completed 7 marathons. Maintaining remarkable consistency during the week John’s times ranged from 3.28 to 3.44.

The club had a couple of ladies tackle a 50k. Jane Mowbray completed the distance in 7.22.10 and Gina Biggs 8.03.55 and a 5k the same day in 44.46. Gina also did a 2 in 2 marathon event at Caldecotte Lake, Milton Keynes over the weekend completing both, no results at the time of writing.

Stepping down in distance Philip Davidson and Alison Mercer did a half marathon, 1.39.29 and 2.03 .30 respectively.

Mark Willet was our only 5 mile runner but he did the club proud by winning in 33.10.

Club times in the 5k races as follows Rik Chippendale 27.19, Richard Hally 21.16, David Bayliss 23.07, Samantha Edwards 23.35 and 23.15, Helen Greenhalgh 29.00,  Kelly Day 30.27, James Hughes 19.34, Ben Smithers 22.14, 22.05 and 22.35,  Scott Jackson 22.05.

Although overall numbers were not huge at this event It received good plaudits and with luck it will be back next year and should attract bigger entries.

In another momentous challenge 6 RRRRs took part in The Lakeland 50. The club was led home by Dave Brunton 10.38.15. Stuart MacNair 12.24.44, Glynis Leo 14.00.03, Shane Cliffe 15.16.47, Gareth Bell 15.54.17, and Pita Oates 15.54.20 completed the club finishers. Much more information and comments regarding these 2 events can be found on the club Facebook page. Well worth reading!

In other races at more ‘normal’ distances RRRR had a good turnout at the following races.

  • Harrock Hill with 6 finishers. Maureen Laney ran 45.18, John Wiseman 51.00, Marcus Howell 53.19, Alison Mercer 58.10, Sue Austin 59.10 and Jenny Fairclough 67.23.
  • Lancaster 5k. Simon Croft 16.42, Steve Taylor 21.48, Natalie Moore 24.06 and Gareth Fairey 25.19.
  • Pilling 10k. Lee Quibbell 40.06, Ben Smithers 46.41, Rob MacDonald 54.46, Rik Chippendale 56.11, Sandra Rolston 62.32, Arthur Green 66.33
  • Padiham Greenway 5k. Simon Robinson 18.09.

There was the usual range of different parkruns, click here for more!