A date to put in your calendar is the 21st August, for this is the date of the annual Red Rose Olympics.

If you haven’t been to this event in the past, then you have really been missing something. With excellent organisation by Ben and Barry, and as always superb support from other club members, the day has something for everyone.

Held at the UCLAN sports track, all the usual track events are covered for all ages.


Races include everything from 100 metres to 1500 metres with shorter events having several heats, there is plenty of opportunity for everyone to take part.

There are several events that aren’t on most running calendars though, including egg and spoon, sack race and others to keep the whole family entertained.


As with all Red Rose events, the fun and games go on all the way through the day. I can’t recommend it enough.


It’s a great way to get the entire family together with your club mates and have a thoroughly enjoyable time.


Who knows, maybe you will win something.


Or maybe not but in any event, as with all things Red Rose, everyone is a winner.