The second Inter Club race of the season was hosted by Lytham Road Runners. A slightly shorter course was necessary with work being done on the sea defences at Fairhaven. The 4.6 mile course was covered by just over 400 runners, 133 of which were Red Rose Road Runners. In each team category, 4th positon was the best we could manage apart from the V60 team of Joe Swarbrick, Ken Addison and Ray Taylor who took second place. Our three highest positioned men were Simon Croft Phil Marsden and Matt Holmes with Samantha Edwards, Jan Rayton and Laura Houghton the best of our ladies team. Times for all Red Rose appear at the end of this report.

Karl Hodgson set a new PB for the marathon with a great run in Prague finishing in 2.53.35.s

The latest Parkrun tourism trip destination was over to Todmorden’s Centre Vale were twelve of our runners made an early start from Bamber Bridge. It was hailed a great success. The next trip will be to Morecambe.

Cuerden Valley parkrun provided good conditions with PB performances being achieved by Stephen Robertson 22.41, Craig Goldsworthy 23.42, Sian king 27.02, Natalie Barber 29.25 Joydip Majumder 30.18. At Preston, PB’s were posted by Stuart Smith 20.17, Michael Oddie 21.06, David Park 21.28, Daniel Smith 25.53, Andrea Jenkins 27.56, Julie Doublett 28.17. At Keswick all three of our runners won their age group. Andy Christie 19.51,Liam Hooton 20.44 and Dave Hooton 24.22. Phil Davidson took a short trip to Birkdale for their new parkrun event and achieved a PB of 21.35. At Morecambe Vicky Ardern began her weekend with a time of 22.10 before taking on the Keswick Half Marathon on Sunday finishing in a great time of 1.45.48.

The popular Sherriff 10k held at Scorton saw seven of our runners tackle the scenic route.Results: Steve Murphy 47.12, Lisa Bolton 49.05, John Wilkinson 49.08, Doug Bryden 49.14, John Wiseman 50.03, Carol Douglass 53.28,(V70 winner), Brian Hanley 55.05.

Staveley Lakeland Trail. In the 10k race Ciarron Roddy took second place in 51.3., In 8th, John Barker ran 58.36. Jonathan Evans 69.52, Janet Tolson 76.26, Fiona Gutteridge 1.38.33.

In the 18k Challenge run Lee Lawrenson finished in 16th place in 1.32.06. Chris Hargreaves 1.36.51, Iain Mitchell 1.48.42, Martin Simpson 1.50.34, Ben Smithers 1.59.01, Margaret upton 2.00.30, Wendy Ward 2.10.29, Lorna taylor 2.10.29, Austin Trelfa 2.12.35, Helen Greenhalgh 2.28.07, Gina Biggs 2.29.25, Josephine Walsh 2.40.57.

At the Yarrow Valley Bluebell Trail 10k we had 13 runners. Chris Corrigan 52.44, Ray Taylor 54.23, Simon Worbey 56.26, Chris Bridge 56.36, Margaret Worbey 62.18, Joan Gouldthorpe 63.14, Davina Bowling 67.22, Karen Smith 67.55, Lesley Renshaw 74.38, Amanda Berry 78.45, Sarah Eccles 87.31, Karen Bishop 87.31, Jennifer Szedler 87.32.

The MK Festival of Running has become firm favourite and eight Red Rosers took part in the half marathon. AnnekeCrosby was our first runner home in 1.48.28 followed by former residents of the area Peter and Marion O’Grady in times of 1.54.59 and 2.15.49. Our other runners were Carol Heaton 2.17.38, Michelle Allott 2.29.09, Steve Taylor 2.29.10, Kate Clipston 2.30.51,Anne Smith 2.59.59.

The Avenham Park 5k and fun run have been run on the Bank Holiday since Preston Guild, 2012. The club were well represented this year. We had 5 junior runners in the fun run. Evelyn Chippendale 7.38, Tegan Bentley 8.22, Abigail Cleece 9.26, Aleesha Grace Connolly Johnson 9.26, Jack Cleece 10.54. In the 5k race, Matt Holmes stormed home in second place in 17.36 followed by Jimmy Darkin in 19.45 and Steve Woodruffe 19.50. Samantha Edwards was 4th female in 21.29, Janette Rayton 22.15 and Gina Biggs 25.28. Results from MY5.RACERESULT.COM.

The inaugural Joe’s Cup Hill Race took place on Bank Holiday Monday. No results available before I travelled to the Lakes for a few days.- Sorry !!

Lytham Interclub Results (Provisional)
Simon Croft M Red Rose 25:08
Phillip Marsden M-45 Red Rose 26:21
Matthew Holmes M Red Rose 26:32
Richard Maughan M-40 Red Rose 28:03
Frank Nightingale M-55 Red Rose 28:42
John Barker M Red Rose 29:24
Michael Hall M-50 Red Rose 29:27
Joe Swarbrick M-60 Red Rose 29:29
Barry Wheeler M Red Rose 29:30
James Darkin M-45 Red Rose 29:31
Stuart Smith M-40 Red Rose 29:45
Liam Hooton M Red Rose 29:50
Stephen Woodruffe M-55 Red Rose 29:52
Manolo Mendoza M-45 Red Rose 30:05
Paul Mounsey M Red Rose 30:09
Simon Shaw M-55 Red Rose 30:12
Greg Atkinson M Red Rose 30:13
Lee Lawrenson M-40 Red Rose 30:20
Mark Willett M-40 Red Rose 30:21
John Naylor M Red Rose 30:28
Stuart Smalley M Red Rose 30:39
Michael Oddie M-45 Red Rose 30:56
John Allen M-55 Red Rose 30:58
Kenneth Addison M-60 Red Rose 31:00
Ian Croft M-50 Red Rose 31:19
Stuart Cann M-55 Red Rose 31:27
Chris Hargreaves M Red Rose 31:31
Stephen Robertson M-55 Red Rose 31:44
Samantha Edwards F Red Rose 32:08
David Park M Red Rose 32:11
Philip Butler M-55 Red Rose 32:21
Ben Smithers M Red Rose 32:24
Andrew Stell M-45 Red Rose 32:31
Chris Taylor M-40 Red Rose 32:34
Impty Patel M-55 Red Rose 32:39
David Eaves M-50 Red Rose 32:50
David Raynor M-55 Red Rose 32:57
Christopher Bridge M Red Rose 32:59
Ray Taylor M-65 Red Rose 33:00
Richard Barnes M Red Rose 33:09
Chris Corrigan M Red Rose 33:12
Steven Moon M-40 Red Rose 33:12
Janette Rayton F-40 Red Rose 33:19
John Caruthers M-55 Red Rose 33:25
Kevin Smith M-50 Red Rose 33:27
John Wood M Red Rose 34:08
Simon Winster M Red Rose 34:15
Richard Field M-40 Red Rose 34:26
Steve Murphy M-45 Red Rose 34:27
Doug Bryden M-50 Red Rose 34:35
David Hooton M-65 Red Rose 34:38
Laura Houghton F Red Rose 34:42
Rob Mather M-45 Red Rose 35:02
Simon Worbey M-40 Red Rose 35:04
Philip Dean M-60 Red Rose 35:08
Eddie Hamilton M-45 Red Rose 35:20
Neil Houghton M-65 Red Rose 35:22
Dave Maudsley M-50 Red Rose 35:30
Garry Li M Red Rose 35:54
Ethan Hodgkinson M Red Rose 35:55
Gary Turner M Red Rose 36:09
Paul Cafferkey M-50 Red Rose 36:16
Natalie Moore F-35 Red Rose 36:18
Tim Morgan M-50 Red Rose 36:45
Melissa Houghton F Red Rose 36:47
John Wiseman M-50 Red Rose 36:51
Gina Biggs F Red Rose 36:55
Ian Riley M-50 Red Rose 36:58
Claire Shaw F-35 Red Rose 37:00
Sarah Maltby F Red Rose 37:09
Gail Bristo F-45 Red Rose 37:10
Alecia Croft F-45 Red Rose 37:38
Des Monk M-65 Red Rose 37:55
James Hughes M-45 Red Rose 38:04
Sue Brookes F-40 Red Rose 38:08
Carol Douglass F-70 Red Rose 38:11
Esther Stanier F-35 Red Rose 38:11
Faisal Ali M Red Rose 38:38
David Hindle M-65 Red Rose 38:41
Margaret Worbey F-35 Red Rose 38:49
Mike Crowther M-45 Red Rose 39:22
Paula Plowman F-55 Red Rose 39:32
Leigh Altree M Red Rose 39:34
Sian King F Red Rose 39:36
Pauline Moorcroft F-55 Red Rose 39:47
Kathryn Abbott F-50 Red Rose 39:51
Katrin Elbag F Red Rose 39:56
Zoe Cain F Red Rose 40:02
Paula Stell F-45 Red Rose 40:12
David Barnes M-50 Red Rose 40:30
Sarah Louise Runcie F-40 Red Rose 40:45
Bernard Mitchell M-55 Red Rose 41:07
Louise Withnell F-45 Red Rose 41:11
Denise Morris F-50 Red Rose 41:13
Vicky McMurtrie F-35 Red Rose 41:17
Kelly White F-40 Red Rose 41:20
Angela Dallinger F-35 Red Rose 41:32
Lucy Turner F-35 Red Rose 41:48
Natalie Barber F Red Rose 41:56
Ann Donoghue F-35 Red Rose 42:18
Lee Burton M Red Rose 42:18
Lisa Semley F-50 Red Rose 42:19
Stephanie Atkinson F Red Rose 42:25
John Plowman M-55 Red Rose 42:33
Katy Cleece F-35 Red Rose 42:34
Jill Coates F-60 Red Rose 42:45
Neil Marshall M-65 Red Rose 43:07
Michael Hogarth M-60 Red Rose 43:25
Craig Lancaster M Red Rose 43:27
Becky Allum F Red Rose 43:30
Lisa Baron F-35 Red Rose 43:39
Jo Roberts F-50 Red Rose 43:41
Andrew Ashcroft M Red Rose 43:42
Ben Donoghue M-40 Red Rose 43:43
Reece Thomas M Red Rose 43:44
Martin Foley M-40 Red Rose 44:23
Sarah Watkins F-45 Red Rose 44:57
Jon Carberry M-55 Red Rose 44:57
Amanda Berry F-55 Red Rose 45:04
Damian Clapham M-40 Red Rose 45:23
Susan Heatley F-35 Red Rose 45:31
Davina Bowling F-70 Red Rose 45:55
Ruth Watkinson F-45 Red Rose 46:29
Martin Wells M Red Rose 48:17
Nicola Millington F-35 Red Rose 48:20
Christopher Clark M-55 Red Rose 49:16
Karen Clark F-55 Red Rose 49:16
Sandra Davies F-55 Red Rose 49:32
Alicia Grimshaw F Red Rose 51:03
Steph Llewellyn F Red Rose 51:04
Lauren Hatton F Red Rose 52:58
Susan Beardsworth F-40 Red Rose 52:58
Dave Aspin M-70 Red Rose 53:06

[Weekly Roundup 6 May 2019]