Sunday 10th April up at 05:00 to get ready and travel to Limassol for the City’s running festival. Marathon, half, 10km, 5km and 1 km kids run. I’m booked onto the Corporate 5km so travel from the village where my son lives to Nicosia to meet the corporate team from Iph the company my son works for. Now, I’ve never done a corporate event. No idea what to expect but guessed that I should wear the proper tee shirt, which I did.


After breakfast on the coach we arrived in Limassol with not much time to spare before we needed to be in our gate. Help! Loo stop. Kafenion over there ‘please can I?’ ‘Okay no problem’ So that was was one stress out of the way. At the old Fort we joined 11,000 runs from over 200 corporate sponsors to run the 5km event. Great chance for team building, said one of the Iph directors, and what a great way to build a team running and training together.

The marathon started at 07:00 the half 08:45, the 10km 09:00 and we the 5kmers were off at 09:30. Precision timing, excellent organisation. Great band.

lyds band

The 5km wasn’t a pb race. So many people running and walking made that almost impossible but what a great happy crowd, all out enjoying being active. Such a great atmosphere rather like a huge parkrun. friendly, supportive, people running and walking it was quite amazing.


However, the marathon, half and 10km were definitely potential pb courses. Flat and fast along the sea front and back.

Afterwards, lots of music, stalls selling food and stuff, the sea if you fancied a dip, coffee shops galore and the coach back home. A great day out and a great team.

I think I will be back next year.