Five hardy individuals from RRRR broke ranks and chose this race instead of the Roddlesworth Roller which was taking place just down the hill on the same day.


Lynn Melvin and Bernie Mitchell chose to to tackle the two lap half marathon distance whilst Graham Roberts, Lorna Taylor and Steve Taylor choosing the 10km option.
Race underway and 5 red rose starting towards the back steadily moved through the field. The pace was slow and steady whilst always seeming to go up a slope. The first two thirds of the race also seemed to be heading in the opposite direction to that of Darwen tower. Only the supportive marshalls and way markers ensuring we were on the right track.
For much of the first lap the 5 of us were only separated by 100 metres or so until Lynn stretched out and moved ahead until she nearly lost her shoe in a boggy area. Ever the gentleman Bernie helped lynn out. The five of us finished the first lap and three of us headed to the finish line whilst Lynn and Bernie toughed it out on a second lap. As most RRRR were down at Roddlesworth it was a nice suprise to see Maureen Laney on route giving us all a cheer and a hug as we passed her.
Some tough climbs and tricky downhills made it an interesting race and a nice medal of Darwen Tower at the end. It was the race organisers first event and he had worked hard to make sure the event went well with supportive marshalls, a well marked course a great medal and a cup of steaming hot soup at the end. The only downside was the price to enter was as steep as some of the hills in comparison to some local races. I will do the half marathon next time to get my money’s worth, as I would definitely do the event again.
The organiser is planning on introducing the marathon distance next year for those who are daft enough to enter.
Steve Taylor

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