My name is Steve and I’m a 35 year old Red Rose Road Runner from Preston. I’ve been living and working in South Korea for the past 3 years and started running (with the help of the NHS couch to 5k program) after quitting smoking in December 2015. After hating running for most of my life (I blame my secondary school PE teachers) I’ve now fallen in love with it again and last year I ran 5 and 10k races in Korea, Japan and America. I also took part in my first Parkrun and ran my first trail run in the Lake District before joining Red Rose towards the end of the year.

I’m now back in Preston and recently ran the Central Lancs Half Marathon. My sights are now set on running a marathon but I’m also looking forward to doing some more trail running whilst I’m in the UK as I much prefer running off road. I usually go running with Red Rose on a Tuesday evening and am also planning to do another Preston parkrun soon.

I’ve really enjoyed running with Red Rose so far, have found everyone very welcoming and look forward to meeting more of you lovely people in the future.