Firstly, let me say that if anyone had ever said to me that I would be running for fun I can honestly say I would’ve laughed them into next week but I decided after finishing work at Lancashire Ambulance Service due to illness and long term medication for a back injury that I knew better than the medical profession and came off all my med’s and joined a gym (Gymetc) which basically has saved me. The idea was to get fit before I turned 50 last year so I set myself some goals and haven’t looked back. My plan was to be fit enough just to walk and enjoy life but sat browsing the internet one day I saw a post for a local club of friendly people who “Run for Fun”! Now this whole concept of running for fun just didn’t compute with me at all and brought back horrid memories of a PE teacher in 1979 shouting at me because I couldn’t get my backside up a climbing rope so all this “Fun and Sport” mullarky was alien.


Anyway, I took the bull by the horns and emailed Pete O’Grady and after several weeks of putting it off I went to join the couch to 5k. I arrived and filled in the appropriate paperwork and spoke to Anneke and Pete who promptly told me if I could already run a mile I had to go in the next group up and not to worry as they don’t run too far even for beginners! Well after my baptism of fire and four short miles I arrived back at the Poachers with a smile on my face which was just because I was still alive, I think, but I returned the next week and stepped up my running and have completed up to eight miles which for me is amazing. So I guess you could say running has changed my life for the better and I think I may be addicted to it. As I keep telling my husband you can never have enough running gear.

Anyway, I’m sure your all bored of my story by now so I will leave it with where I am up to now which is with a diary full of 10k runs over the next few months and some crazy idea that I may be able to run/jog my way round the Manchester half marathon in October 2017.

So, Red Rose Road Runners, thank you for taking me under your wing and giving me the faith in myself to achieve the goals I have set and for turning me into some crazy running lady. The picture I chose isn’t the best but it’s me in Perth, Western Australia this year taking Red Rose Road Runners on tour as I know you like a bit of tourism.