Hi All

I was actually reflecting on this last year when I spotted the request for a blog. This time last year I’d only every run 5k. Usually this was at Preston Parkrun and I would only do parkrun and never on my own in the week. I was convinced I wasn’t a runner. Well, after a lot of peer pressure from Dawn and Jim McLean I agreed to take a spare place at Mad Dog so had to up my game. I started adding a bit further on to my runs and trying to run during the week as 10k felt like a marathon to me! Then after more peer pressure I tagged along on a Thursday night. This filled me with dread, sat in the car talking myself out of joining in. I’m so glad I did get out of the car that day. I soon got chatting to lots of new friendly but slightly bonkers runners that made me feel so welcome and I’ve now made some friends for life!! So after lots of encouragement and bullying I have now completed 3-5k, 1-5 miles, 7-10k 1-7 miles and 2 half marathons. My diary for 2018 is already filling up with runs so bring on more fun times!!


Fiona Gutteridge