Firstly, I would like to say how mighty Red Rose Road Runners are. A very inspiring club for many, friendly and caters for everyone’s running needs and abilities.

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As it says in the title I’m a good but lazy runner. Most people will say (and I agree) that I’m completely nuts, but I know I’m caring, simple, fun and just a happy go lucky girl! A lot of people will say I’m not lazy as I’m quite busy doing one thing or another (leading some RunSmart runs or being busy at life) but others will say if she concentered and gave her all week in week out then she would be a very quick runner! If anyone is interested in times, I’m not that slow but my times don’t match all of my abilities. I have a speedy 5k time of 21.51, my 10k is 48.51 and my half marathon is 1hr 48.

I often joke about ‘Cathy’s world’ but I think it’s quite a good one to be in! I’ve been a member of Red Rose Road Runners for a couple of years and kind of just do my own thing! I might make two Thursday Poachers runs on the bounce then not go for a few months! I’m not really sure what I do instead but the weeks fly by. Parkrun is part of my weekly fix whether it be volunteering or running. You will see me at a race and think I haven’t seen her in ages then I either pull it out the bag or just have fun and just chit chat!
I’m easily inspired by other people’s achievements both running and non-running related. When people are battling, return from injury or just enjoying running it’s motivating and refreshing to see! I often say it but there is no greater gift than the gift of life and I have a lot to be grateful for.

In the last 6 months I have taken to announcing following wise words from a colleague who said ‘anything you want to do, do it before it’s too late’. This year I have twelve events lined up with epic events some being running, swimming, triathlons and duathlons, and hopefully a few of the Lakeland Trails series!
I’ve got a big ish year ahead with getting married in April to my number one supporter who thinks all runners are crazy. Running isn’t a spectator sport but Matty and my parents often come and watch me run! For years and pre Matty days I vouched I would do a marathon before the big day. The wedding is fast approaching so time is running out, I’m not booked on yet but if all goes to plan on the 2nd April I will have done my first marathon! I’m booking one once I’ve run 20 miles (I’m up to 13 miles).

I know I will just continue on in content Cathy’s world and you will hear me or see me out running! Fast or slow keep enjoying what you’re doing and don’t put too much pressure on yourself… there is always another race or run!