It is membership renewal time and emails have gone out to let everyone know. Have you had yours yet?

It is increasingly likely that your email provider has and will continue to upgrade the anti spam protection they provide. In many cases that will be a welcome move but it does put club communications at risk. If you suspect that you are not seeing the Red Rose emails your friends get then:

  1. Check your Spam box, Junk mail or whatever other folders your mail provider uses for email it thinks is unwanted. If you find Red Rose emails in there then make sure you mark the email as Not Junk or mark the originating email address as Trusted.
  2. If you find nothing in those unwanted email folders then check that we have the right email address for you. You can do that by filling in our contact form.
  3. We only send news and reminder emails to you if you have allowed us to. So some of you will not get any emails other than ones directed only at you. If you want news and reminders by email then you must permit it. You can let us know your email preferences by filling in our contact form.