Hi guys

I didn’t post an update on last months committee meeting. My bad.
This month I wanted to make amends albeit a little late.

Club membership is up again In fact we are 22% up on membership against the same time last year. We have (or at least had on the 15th) 380 members. That number includes 76 new members since 15/3/16. We seem to be doing very well for new members and this seems to be reflected by new members posting on the facebook page, which is great news. At this rate we will be over the 400 mark very soon.

46% of the membership is female, which is great but I’m sure we can get a bit closer to 50%. Maybe next month.

The torchlight procession was discussed and it certainly sounded like fun last time. Stu Cann has done a blog on the procession. http://www.redroseroadrunners.org/2016/08/preston-torchlight-procession-stu-cann/.

Next is the treasurers report discussing cash and happily, we have some so that’s all good.

We talked about upcoming events. The Red Rose interclub and the Red Rose Olympics, which was last Sunday and I’ll do a blog on that when I get some time.

We also talked about the club shop and some teething problems with rose colouring issues. Pete is working hard with Run Geek to sort these out and we are confident that everyone will be happy with the result. Hopefully we will start to see some of the new Red Rose kit on the training runs etc.

Finally there was a discussion about more training options. This is something we have been asked about before and was requested in the survey we did (Remember that?). Anyway, we have a couple of ideas which are starting to take shape. As soon as we have something a bit more concrete we’ll let everyone know.

That’s about it for now.

All the best with your running exploits.

From your Committee.