My name is John, not Roger, John. If you call out “Hi, Roger” to me I will not respond. Not because I don’t like you but simply because my name is actually John.


I started running late in life. Work had me bent over a hot laptop for too many years and I needed to get out and get fitter. Having run for a few years on my own, always in darkness since I was too shy to evidence my lack of ability to the general public, I found I wanted a bit of company, so I joined Red Rose in November 2009. Through the club I have met a lot of interesting people and made a few very good friends.

I am not very competitive and I am not a good runner. Like Nora Batty I wasn’t built for speed. I am not too bad going uphill in fell races but have lost my bounce coming down again. Age is trying to creep up on me and recently I seem to have spent more time recovering from beastly operations and unlucky injuries than running. There is hope though. I came back before and I will certainly try and do it again.

I much prefer running in the countryside, on track, trail and fell, to running in the town and on the roads.
Despite that I sometimes lead from Fulwood Leisure Centre on winters evenings and have led beginner’s courses having my Leadership In Running Fitness qualification.
My role on the club Committee is two fold.

  • My significant role is that of Membership Secretary. I am the one who sends out the majority of the club’s emails. I am the one asking you to renew your subscription so that I can go off and sort out the bizarre world of England Athletics. If I make mistakes then I insist you forgive me just as I forgive you who claim you were born today or are unable to remember your own email address.
    It would be a great kindness to me if you could fill in your forms accurately, get them in on time and check to see if your questions are already answered in the club’s FAQ page.
  • Less significant, but sounding far more impressive, is that I am your Deputy Chairman. This part of the job takes absolutely no time at all and is a pleasure.  I get to hand out prizes to lovely winners at Presentation Evenings.

I love running. I love that feeling of freedom and unfettered movement. I love running with friends, chatting and encouraging one another and the laughter at the end. I do not mind mud, hills or foul weather. These are part and parcel of this glorious part of the world we live in.

Did I mention I am not called Roger?