I quite liked running at school and won the 1500m at sports day when I was 12. Then nothing, for a very long time. At all. Zilch. The years rolled on, and I thought it would probably be a good idea to actually start doing some sort of exercise while I was still physically able to do so. I’d been quite good at running 30 odd years ago, so thought this would be an excellent option! So I got myself a pair of trainers and started going out at 6am in order to protect the public from the spectacle of me running about like an out of breath beetroot. I started slowly – one minute run, one minute walk recurring – and after 6 minutes running in total I thought I was going to need medical assistance. At this point joining the gym seemed like a sensible option, where the paramedics could be summoned quickly if necessary, so off I went to do treadmill running. I hated it. Very, very boring, and the only time I could go was when Jeremy Kyle was on the big screen. Still, I persevered and when I could run for about 30 minutes I saw an advert for Red Rose in the local newsletter and went along on a Thursday about 4 years ago. I didn’t know anyone but was made to feel so welcome, I quickly became addicted and you’ve been stuck with me ever since!!! My first ever race was the Guild 10k in 2012, which I entered sponsored to make sure I didn’t give up, and I was overwhelmed by the support from other RRRR club members, mostly people I had never met, just because I was wearing a club vest!!

My favourite races are probably the ones where there is a RRRR big turn out. The first time I went to one of the Interclub races at Worden, I was really impressed that as a club, the idea that no one gets left behind runs true whatever the event, and while other clubs were charging off to the buffet, Red Rose waited until the last runner had come in, even if that person wasn’t one of ours.

I am very much a part time committee member as most meetings clash with my daughters’ extra curricular activities so I can’t usually make them. However I do like to go along when I can and have been asked to look at diversity related issues.


Road or trail?

I haven’t done much trail running but what I have done I enjoyed for the scenery and things to look at. Done mainly road running which I like for races, which can also be very scenic, depending on where it is!

Flat or hilly?

Surely this refers to undulations? Quite like a hilly challenge and the view from the top. Darwen Heritage route comes to mind, along with the long haul up the Great Orme in Llandudno for the Conwy Half!

Saturday morning lie in or parkrun?

Parkrun every time. I think I am slightly addicted to parkrun and am at Cuerden Valley consistently every week. I try to be the pacer whenever I can and get a huge amount of satisfaction from running with other people to try and help them get a good time. The magic technique is to set off, keep going till the end, then stop. Having another person there usually keeps you going on the bits where normally you want to slow down, and this seems to work quite well! There have been times when the person I have been pacing has been so fast I have had to shout encouragement from a distance somewhere behind, and sometimes not been able to speak at all!! You know who you are J

Cake or beer?

Cake please, any variety!

Short/ fast or long/slow?

Much prefer a longer slower run as I don’t really enjoy feeling on the brink of a heart attack after a 5k sprint. I must also say that I am a terrible solo runner, and do much better when I’ve got someone to chat to on the way round. If there is no one from RRRR available, I have been known to talk to other runners, pedestrians, sheep etc. Talking is key!