The committee is drawn from the membership. Committee members are elected annually at the AGM which is generally held in October. Under normal circumstances the committee meets during the evening of the third Monday of each month.

The normal rules of committee are followed. The agenda and minutes of the last meeting are normally emailed to committee members by the secretary or chairman prior to the meeting.

You do not have to be a member of the committee to attend meetings, but it would be helpful if members planning to attend contacted the Secretary or Chairman beforehand. In some exceptional circumstances the chairman might require them to withdraw if there is something confidential to be discussed. Club members may take part in the discussions but only committee members are permitted to vote at meetings.

Philip Butler


Pete O’Grady

Vice Chairman

Julie Thorley

Club Secretary

Andy Speer


Paula Plowman

Race Director

John Plowman

General Committee

Alison Mercer

Membership Secretary

Anneke Crosby

Welfare Officer

John Naylor

General Committee

Ben Donoghue

General Committee

Gareth Bell

General Committee