The monthly club committee meeting was held last night at Vernons, just when the England match was on. You can view that as dedication to the cause or maybe as a lucky break but in any event I wanted to share with you some of the highlights.

It was a short meeting due to the match and also a number of members missing through holidays but no less interesting.

We have a total of 361 members at the moment. That’s 22% up on this time last year and if we continue at this rate then we will have more than 400 members by the end of the year and maybe 500 next season. There’s no doubt about it, Red Rose is rapidly becoming a big club. This prompted a discussion about how to maintain the inclusive and supportive atmosphere and ethos within the club as we get larger. We have had some ideas and maybe you have more. If you do, then don’t be shy. Let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

45% of our membership is female (It was 47% last month so come on ladies and get recruiting).

We had a long discussion about club clothing, (I’ve done another blog about this which I’ll be posting soon so I won’t go through it here) and the existing clothing stock (Again I’ve done a blog about this which I’ll be posting soon.) In summary though, the club has a significant investment in club clothing in stock which we will be trying to sell over the next weeks and months. We want to recover as much of the investment as possible and invest the funds in other activities. We’ll go through what we have in stock and how we are planning to make it available over the next few weeks.

Now we come to the exciting bit, how we spend some money. The clothing cash will go into club funds and finance stuff in the future, but you may remember that a few weeks ago, Gareth and a group of club members helped at the Manchester Marathon


As a result of the efforts of these fantastic club representatives, the club benefited financially by several hundred pounds. We very much want to use that cash specifically to celebrate the club and it’s members. At the moment we are investigating the possibility of a Red Rose club ball. You know the kind of thing, a posh venue, big hair, glam makeup, posh frocks and maybe the girls could get dressed up too ;).

At the moment we are investigating possible venues and costs. We want to subsidise the event using the Manchester cash. It won’t pay for everything by any means, but it’s still a nice bonus. I’ll keep you updated on where we get to with this as I can.

That’s about all for now.