Club introductions are always a bit awkward, so to make it easy, this is how it will be: –

A short introduction followed by some random multiple choice questions. Here’s mine.

Ian Wharton. I’ve been running for a good few years but mainly on my own and regularly with injuries, especially Achilles Tendonitis. I think I’ve got that sorted now but I’ll do another post on that. I joined RRRR just over two years ago and loved it from day one. On my first club run, I was impressed that Dave Mawdsley made a point of introducing himself and having a chat. I try to do the same myself now, although the number of new runners is overwhelming my memory for names and faces.

My favourite races are probably the interclubs. Blackpool was my first and the presentations afterwards were a revelation. The muted applause from other clubs is always a contrast to the raucous cheering from Red Rose.

Ian Wharton

As far as the committee goes, since Christmas I’ve had a bit more spare time so I feel like I want to give something back. I’m not a full committee member at the moment as that can only happen at the AGM, but hopefully I can make a positive contribution.


Road or Trail
Trail for interesting stuff to look at but road for the PB’s

Flat or Hilly
Hilly unless I’m actually running up one

Saturday morning lie in or parkrun
parkrun, no contest and it’s got to be CV

Cake or Beer

Short and fast or long and slow
Short and fast so I can finish before my body realises that I’m in pain

Shorts or Longs
Shorts, even longs are shorts on me

Layered up or just a vest
Layered up, it’s always cold

HRM or naked
HRM, no one wants to see me naked.

Grand Prix or Championship
Grand Prix although any Red Rose event is always fun.

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