We have plans for the long term supply and delivery of club clothing including club vests. We are in the process of negotiating with suppliers to get a club online shop setup. The shop will allow members to choose their clothing, size and pay online with delivery direct to their home. More about that in another post.

In the meantime, the club holds a quantity of clothing stock which in itself consists of a significant investment. In fact the value of the clothing held by the club amounts to several thousand pounds. It’s a significant investment which in reality we could do without. We also find that some of the stock is difficult to sell for various reasons, not least because we don’t particularly advertise what we have got.

At the same time, we are aware that sometimes members have difficulty finding out how to get hold of clothing or understanding what clothing we have actually got. All in all, we want to make the process slicker, offer more choice and remove the overhead from the club and committee members so we can concentrate on other things.

Of course, this means that we want to realise as much of the value from the existing stock as possible. To enable that, we will be bringing the entire stock to Red Rose events and training sessions so members can take see what we have and buy them easily. We will announce when and where we will be doing this on facebook as soon as we have taken stock of exactly what we have.

In the meantime, the key thing is club vests.

Pete O’Grady has kindly taken on the responsibility of holding the remaining stock.

We don’t want to order more if we can avoid it as we expect the shop to be available in a few weeks. It seems like the majority of the stock is cold weather items such as fleeces and long sleeve t-shirts. Probably not the best time of year to be selling those but being Britain, I’m sure that a cold snap isn’t too far away.

Initially, we will be selling the stock at the full price, but I’m sure as the stock reduces and we are left with less popular items, then we will no doubt reduce the price to realise as much value as we can.

I point this out so that you are aware that you may buy a t-shirt one week to find it reduced the next. I hope you will understand the reasons for this. Of course you may find that your size isn’t available if you wait, it’s up to you.

In the interim, until the shop is fully online, please bear with us. If you require any clothing, particularly vests, contact Pete in the first instance or any committee member if you don’t have Pete’s details.

I will be posting further updates with the stock levels etc as we get them so you are all fully informed where we are with clothing etc.

We realise that the current situation isn’t ideal but please bear with us for a few weeks. I am confident that you will be delighted with the service when we get everything sorted.