The following club members are running marathons for charity in the comming months. If you would like to be added to the list, let us know.

Gavin Beetham

Sport relief

I wasn’t doing anything else that day.

Looks like I shall be dressed as a Mexican riding a donkey.


Jenny Fairclough

Edinburgh Marathon 25th May 2014

I am running for Breast Cancer Care because I am a breast cancer survivor, having undergonen surgery, chemo’ and radiotherapy in 2008. During my treatments and recovery I received fantastic practical and emotional support from BCC and since then I have raised money for this fantastic charity as a measure of my gratitude and to help towards helping other women and men who experience breast cancer to access the free services provided by BCC.

Phil Darwen

I’m running the VLM for The British Heart Foundation as both my wife I lost our Dads at young ages to heart disease.

Tony Thorley

I’ve never really been a runner – at 6 ft 3″ and 15+ stone with asthma it doesn’t come naturally. However, when I finished my extremely moderate local football career about 7 years ago I needed something to give me a challenge and stop me getting obese. My wife Julie had just joined a local running club – Red Rose Runners – and I soon started going along on training runs. I’ll never be a great runner (extremely moderate at best) but I enjoy training with a fantastic group of people (and having a few beers after) and I enter the odd race. I’ve never won anything and probably never will but every run is a personal challenge to push the boundaries as much as possible – always striving for a personal best – never mind the pensioner thats just finished a few yards in front of me. There are some seriously good runners out there!

Julie ran the London Marathon last year and I went along to support her. It was such a fantastic experience being part of the crowd that I got the stupid idea to apply for a place this year. I was (un)lucky enough to get a place and started training in November. I’ve been clocking around 30-40 miles a week since and hope to complete the run in under 4 hours (fitness, weather and congestion permitting). I’m running for the National Autistic Society. I know there are many worthy charities out there but this one is personal to me as my nephew Tom who’s now 23 has been severely autistic all his life and the society does a fantastic job in trying to improve the lives of people with this condition.

Shane Cliffe

Luke Bosman

Edinburgh Marathon

And a bit later in the year:

St Catherines Hospice

Colin Manning

I am running Manchester and Edinburgh marathons but not for charity.

I am running 50k (31miles) of the Thames path challenge in september though and that is going to be for St. Catherines Hospice.

Plus, anyone who donates £2.50 or more will get a special ‘I supported Colin’s Thames path challenge’ pen.