Below is the latest version of the 22/23 senior race calendar. (The date for the Inskip […]
Hi all as we’ve just had VE day and lots of talk of the great British […]
I’ve been checking back on my running log (I use Veloviewer) and the first Red Rose […]
Voting has now closed for Runner’s Runner of the Year. The winner will be announce at […]
The Fell Championship Hi everyone, the Fell Championship begins in February and I wanted to take […]
My name is Abigail, I’m 7 years old and I’ve been running for nearly 2 years. […]
Running with Cows and Corn is a statement to grab your attention but those who know […]
Next week I travel to Cornwall to visit my parents, this got me thinking that the […]
Red Rose Buddy Runners So, our membership survey highlighted a lot of interest from several members […]
So it turns out killing two birds with one stone isn’t always as productive as you […]