I’m not entirely sure what it was about the Calder Vale Supper Run that made me enter, but coming back from an injured calf, a 4 mile local run sounded like a good idea.

I’d never been to Calder Vale before. It’s a small village in the valley of the river Calder on the edge of the forest of Bowland. (Calder being derived from the Norse Kaldr meaning cold). The river might have been cold but I certainly had a good sweat on before I got to the end.


Starting with a slight rise, the route soon descends quite steeply into the valley, over the river and past the Lappet cotton mill (founded in 1835 and still operational, manufacturing mainly the red, black and white checked cloth often used for Arab headscarves. Allegedly Yasser Arafat’s headdresses were made at the mill). Originally powered by the river, these days the river water is only used to supply the sprinkler system to the mill.


Immediately past the mill and the gradient starts as we pass the old mill spinners cottages on the right.

Into a forested area (10.6%) and up towards the Calder Vale primary school (Beef lasagne served with fresh garden salad on Thursdays), the gradient leveled off a little on the tarmac up towards Oakenclough. With a welcome gradual downhill back towards the river (5%).

Crossing the river though, the only way is up with a climb up to the highest point in the race according to my Garmin (193m). I believe that the views were exceptional but as usual, I was totally unable to appreciate them. Running and breathing concurrently was taking all my attention.

All downhill from there though and before I knew it the finish line was in sight.

5.88 km according to the Garmin which is never particularly accurate with 92m elevation in total. I was ready for the supper part of the run, expecting some pie and peas or similar, only to find that the supper was kaldr!

Remembering that there was a chippy on the A6, I left early, mouth watering and stomach rumbling.

The chippy is closed on Thursdays!!