A blog with a slightly different flavour involving absolutely no running or lyrcra (gasp shock horror) ball gowns party frocks and shirt tails were the order of the day and that was just me
20 Rosers treated themselves to a night of culture with a trip to the theatre featuring a full programme of comedy _ song and dance with a Star-studded cast including yours truly plus Mrs Cann (Kath) and also the seating was cabaret style with the bar being open throughout the performance (which may have helped swell numbers)
My night started with shirt tie and waistcoat on meet and greet at the door then it was off for a quick costume change and on stage for the opening number with full cast


We performed two songs Anything goes and There’s no business like show business involving hat and feet coordination and with 11 weeks of rehearsals behind me I think I kept to it
Then it was a change into full costume of a little maid from school ( if I do say so myself I make a beautiful lady)and a beautiful song from the opera Mikado and with my two glamorous cast members all 3 of us looking extremely oriental in full length gowns
As the curtains swished back I heard the usual Red Rose cheer (on both nights which is highly appreciated) Song and routine performed no mishaps and rapturous applause PHEW
My next appearance was in an acting role were I got a huge slap on the cheek and a big snog with the missus
Several acts later it was back on stage as an undertaker in a comedy song routine wearing a bowler hat thick long black coat trousers shirt and tie in front of bright stage lights I think I’ve perspired less fell running on a hot sunny day
More acts followed then I was back on in an acting role in a comedy radio drama playing Bert who gets bashed on the head with a tray knocked to the floor drenched with water twice kicked in the stomach and then killed off (not much happening there then)
Last but not least it was into the cat suit with big wig and fake boobs (tennis balls) part of an ABBA tribute and time to go a little daft instead of a beautiful Swedish lady Frank Gallagher was more the order of the day and then curtain call and final bow
I’d like to shout out a massive Thank-you to all who came to support me and Kathleen we really really appreciate you and hope we entertained you
After rehearsing twice a week for almost 3 months learning song lyrics dance moves and a script I think I may now concentrate on running for a few weeks and does anybody want to buy a damaged silver drinks tray with an imprint of my head in it
Stu Cann