Highs, Lows, Slips and Falls….2016 had it all!
2016 started with no real aims. I came back from holiday to be awarded Cuerden Valley parkrunner of the Year (my proudest personal achievement ever!).
My new year target, was to just run over a 1000 miles again and have fun doing it, entering lots of races – simple!
Then along came an opportunity to run the only marathon I wanted to run – London.
Problem was, that opportunity came with only 12 weeks to train and after a two week holiday of over indulgence in Thailand. Not one to duck a challenge though, I took it on. Training went ok (ish) with lots of fantastic support (you know who you are) and the 12 weeks soon passed and over £1000 raised in sponsorship too.
London was everything I expected and more. Great support from the Red Rose supporters who covered many miles trying to catch the Red Rose Runners at as many places as possible. The after party was great too, with lots of London Pride being consumed, plus I had ticked off a marathon (albeit slower than I had wished for).
Feeling elated I jumped on a race at Yarrow the following week. My favourite trail race. 3k in though disaster struck. Slipped on a muddy hill and my left ankle ligaments were knackered. There was a medal at stake though, so tied my buff round my ankle and limped around to the finish.
Two hours later after a trip to A&E, I was on crutches. Nothing broke though, so was thinking that I would be ok in a day or two. Sorted out super quick by a stunning A&E nurse, then given a lift home by the Royle Family.
15 weeks later and after many visits to my physio, I was given the ok to run again. Those 15 weeks were the hardest 15 weeks of my life. I got fat (ter), miserable and really depressed and reading about everybody else’s runs was torture. Felt like I would never run again and even contemplated giving up.
Unbeknown to many from RRRR and parkrun, it was my friends/fellow runners who kept me going.
Finally I was given the ok to run, but I had lost the drive and motivation. I continued to volunteer at events and avoided talk of races. Used my ankle as an excuse at the mere mention of entering a race.
Finally in October I got round to putting some effort in but now serious lack of fitness and drive meant my times were no where near what I wanted. Running mojo was still back in April.
November hearlded the return of the running challenge, which I had dreamt up a year earlier – 12 Days of Christmas Running. The 2015 event was a great success, so I needed to get planning. Fast forward to the 1st December and 150 plus runners were ready to take on this year’s challenge.
Through the challenge (selling medals and tshirts) and CVP Christmas Raffle, the running community has raised a terrific amount, which will be donated to CVP parkrun on the 24th December.
Massive heartfelt thanks sent to those who have helped me this year (you know who you are) and the 150 participants.
The challenge has helped/forced me find my lost running mojo and has led me on to some interesting new challenges for 2017….
Time to change the fat to fit and enjoy entering races again.